from Princess Seismograph (Seattle)

Cait Rippey’s Touch Me is the illustrated story of her boating adventure to Cypress Island, during which she recollects the poem “Touch Me” by Stanley Kunitz. The poem takes over and moves her through time and space and the story feels so out-loud that the illustrations become what’s written. Cait’s boating companions are never introduced so we must have always known them, and everything is more intimate for being wrapped in a construction paper wave. –Maggie Ginestra

from WinteRed (Minneapolis)

John Colburn’s poem, “The Lawrence Welk Diaries,” looks like a play in four acts that you’d very much like to put on, but shouldn’t, because it’s more ecstatic to only half-envision a “wolf field” and easier to pretend “all I can think about it Yoko Ono” is a normal human emotion on the page. There, pronouncements and banter are free to braid into the lyric landscape that characters Michel Foucault, Eartha Kitt, Sam Shephard, and Lawrence Welk are desperate to describe. -Maggie Ginestra


from Ugly Duckling Presse (Brooklyn)

Dorothea Lasky's Poetry Is Not a Project is a heartening little essay for recovering mfa students and exhausted poetry veterans alike. Whatever brand of po-biz bruise marks your particular heart, you'll be glad to read that "real poetry," as Lasky sees it, is "a party from which you may never return home." Complete with Sarah Glidden's illustrations of wistful looking youths lounging on logs or eating ferally from animal carcasses, this pamphlet is a call for poets to stop conceiving and start making love. -Joseph Collins


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