Last Shop Day: May 22nd

Stirrup Pants will go out with a bang the third weekend in May with a final shop-saturday and Sloup #4 on Sunday the 23rd.

All the beautiful chaps that don't sell by then will be sent back to their presses at the end of the month, wrapped in the finest saint louis lovin', so come scoop them up before they fly.

Keep an eye out for Heather Overby's next Exploding Swan that very same weekend on May 21st, which will be hosted by Slow Rocket Urban Farm!

And Amelia Colette Jones is taking Sloup mobile this summer, starting in June! On top of reaching out to artists who need funding, and soup and bread makers who want to share their talents, Sloup will now seek to partner with diverse arts and community spaces to make each Sloup unique.

I personally had an incredible year learning a little about how presses do their inspiring work, how writers and readers move through the world, and how saint louis is a truly compelling place to open a door and expect to love whomever walks in. Please email me at maggieginestra@gmail.com about what you're up to, what you're making, and what doors you're opening. I'd love to be included.

thanks, all! see you soon!